Bill payment

Housing – utility services are paid on a monthly basis using a unique account of the Aggregate Billing System by Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA” Novi Sad (hereinafter: Informatika) based on the data obtained from public utility and other companies, business entities and entrepreneurs. The bill separately displays monthly charges for services provided in the previous month as well as the total of aggregate amounts.  Users who do not receive their bills for the previous month in a current month may obtain a copy of their bill at any customer service counter and information desk or give a payment order at any INFORMATIKA cash desk. Citizens may pay their bills directly at any INFORMATIKA cash desk and in return get a payment slip.

Payments effected at any INFORMATIKA cash desk are exempt from commission. Should a client wish to pay the bill but insist that an item or more items are excluded from the bill, they are obliged to pay the amount of rsd 10.00 per bill.

Users have the right to file a written appeal on disputed statement of housing – utility services within eight days from the date of statement.

Every branch office of INFORMATIKA offers users of aggregate billing services information on: outstanding balance per aggregate billing form and instructions for debt settlement, outstanding balance that is subject to enforced collection and instructions for debt settlement, services and liabilities of service providers on aggregate billing forms.

Users who fail to settle their outstanding balances before maturity date are obliged to pay interest in arrears separate from the principal amount owed, which is calculated in accordance with the Law on Interest in Arrears calculator. The National Bank of Serbia sets the interest in arrears rate which applies thereupon.

At every cash desk of INFORMATIKA, users may pay the outstanding balance in full, or a portion of it, amounts in arrears, amounts from notices of overdue payments or amounts that are subject to enforced collection.

Other methods of payment are made available at cash desks in post offices and banks via standing order with some business banks and via e-banking.

Payments may be made via standing order with following banks:

  • Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad,
  • Eurobank a.d.,
  • Vojvođanska bank a.d. Novi Sad ,
  • NLB banka bank a.d. Belgrade,
  • Poštanska štedionica bank a.d. Belgrade,
  • Telenor bank a.d.,
  • OTP bank Serbia a.d. Novi Sad,
  • Credit Agricole Serbia a.d. Novi Sad.


Bill payments exempt from commission may be effected with the following banks:

  • NLB bank,
  • OTP bank,
  • Banca Intesa.


In addition, INFORMATIKA deals with enforced collection of unpaid bills in arrears. Enforced collection is done in line with the law that regulates the field of enforcement and security. Before initiating the enforced collection procedure, INFORMATIKA sends letters before action in which they encourage users of housing – utility services to settle unpaid bills that have fallen in arrears with a view of avoiding the enforced collection procedure and its costs. Letters before action stipulate the amount of debts and period for settling the debt. Should users of housing – utility services fail to settle their outstanding debts in the period stipulated in the letter before action, INFORMATIKA initiates the enforced collection procedure by submitting the motion for enforcement to competent enforcement officers.