Aggregate billing

In addition to development and maintenance of the General Information System as well as development, maintenance and provision of services within the Telecommunication system, aggregate data processing and billing are public utilities and services of local interest provided by the Decision on Regulating Public Utilities and Services of Local Interest and Delegating the Performance thereof (“Official Gazette of the City of Novi Sad“, No. 69/13).  The City of Novi Sad, being the founder, delegated the performance of previously mentioned public utilities and services to the Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA“Novi Sad and defined the billing method for public services as well as obligations of stakeholders in the aggregate billing process by the Decision on Aggregate Billing for Public Utilities-Housing and other services (“Official Gazette of the City of Novi Sad“, No. 8/94, 12/95 and 9/97 – Decision by the RS Constitutional Court).

Aggregate data processing is a foundation of aggregate billing. Updated and accurate data lead to a high percentage of collection bearing in mind that collected funds make a financial basis for the functioning of the Public Utilities System of the City of Novi Sad.

Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA“ Novi Sad performs aggregate billing activities related to public utilities-housing and other services on its own behalf and in the interest of utility and other companies,  business entities and entrepreneurs that take part in aggregate billing.

Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA“ Novi Sad also performs activities of informing users, receiving and processing their applications to dispute bills.