Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA“ dates back to 1971 when a computer centre was first founded as a part of the previous “Institute for the City Development“, with the view of organizing and expanding activities of utility services for the needs of the Municipality of Novi Sad.

The initial physiognomy of the computer centre underwent a number of structural changes and since April 10, 2009 it has been functioning under the name Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA” Novi Sad up to date.

The initial concept  of the core information system database, defined as an integral set of registers and records of persons, spaces and organizations – the present General Information System (GIS) was a stepping stone to the development of a modern city and today it is the foundation of the City functioning.

Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA” Novi Sad implemented and certified its business model according to requirements of international standards ISO 90012008 (in 2001) and  ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 (2008) while positive reports from certifying bodies, following the verification, only confirmed our presence in the world of the successful and our commitment towards continuous improvement.

Organizational structures of the company changed, but what has been a constant over the years is as follows:

  • Work on the development, architecture and maintenance of the General Information System of the City of Novi Sad,
  • Creation and maintenance of space, population and organization databases,
  • Development of complex information systems of interest to the City,
  • Aggregate billing activities related to utility-housing services.

The Company, whose primary task is to research new areas in order to introduce innovations and expand its scope of activities with the view of contributing to a more reliable and contemporary functioning of the City, nowadays also deals with Telecommunication services and Digitalization of cultural heritage.