Mission and vision

The mission of Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA” Novi Sad is to satisfy the need of citizens, city institutions and other business entities for telecommunication, computer, information and housing – utility products and services based on present knowledge, capital and human resources. The mission sets milestones that direct human resources’ efforts towards successful operation and development of the Company. Public Utility Company fulfils its primary mission – satisfying users’ needs and requirements – through:

  • Maintenance and development of an integral information system of the City of Novi Sad,
  • Maintenance, development and introduction of new segments of the General Information System,
  • Active role in the implementation of information and communication technologies
  • Incorporation of contemporary knowledge into every primary and supporting activity of the Company.


We are determined to provide and plan all services in line with the highest ethical principles which include full dedication to users’ needs and expectations while recognizing their requirements. Maintaining high quality services that employees provide is attained through continuous professional development, which is a precondition for further growth of the Company. Ongoing monitoring and analysis of users’ satisfaction with rendered services may ensure and better sustainable growth and development of the Company. Synergy between the information and humane components of life along with providing modern telecommunication and information technologies and building the position of authority on the market of telecommunications, information systems, databases, accounting – legal and utility – housing services are to make Novi Sad the city of future for its citizens, the City and business entities.  Acting as a service integrator, Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA” Novi Sad strives to approximate the City to users of services via modern information – communication technologies.